How to increase followers on Instagram – 10 easy ways 2024

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Instagram is a social media platform that has gained popularity among the youth very quickly. People have become so busy with Instagram that they do not even know when it is morning and when it is evening. There are many people who start scrolling on Instagram when they wake up in the middle of the night. More than half of the day is spent watching reels on Instagram, and we don’t even realize it. Overall, Instagram has taken over our lives. We are so engrossed in all this that it seems almost impossible to get out of it.

Along with this, people here are engaged in creating their own brand value. Perhaps you are also one of those who want to increase their followers on Instagram. So that you can get a different identity on this social media platform.

So today in this article, I am going to tell you how to increase followers on Instagram. During this entire article, I will talk about 10 ways to increase followers on Instagram. By following them, Run Post, you are going to gain 100% of their followers.

10 ways to increase followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the world’s largest social media platforms, with 1.5 billion users. If you are also a user of Instagram and want to increase your followers, then you can increase your followers on Instagram very fast by following the 10 amazing methods given below.

1. Decide your niche

If you dream of making your Instagram profile a brand and want more and more people to follow you and stay engaged with your content, then it is important that you decide a specific niche.

It has often been seen that creators who focus on a particular category have found success on Instagram faster than others. If you create with memes, then post focused content on memes only. If you make motivational videos or write motivational quotes, then post focused content on the same.

If you do this, then people who like to consume that particular type of content will definitely follow you.

2. Customize your Instagram account

If you want to reach out to as many people as possible and establish a unique identity, it is important that you customize your Instagram profile in a professional way. To reach as many audiences as possible, the first step should be to convert your Instagram profile into a professional Instagram profile.

A decent-looking profile photo with a cute smile and a great bio is also required. So that everyone can know who you are and what kind of content you post.

3. Post regularly

If you do not produce content regularly on your Instagram profile, then forget that your Instagram account is ever going to grow. Regularity is the key to achieving success on social media. If you are not able to post regularly from your account, then it will not take much time for your Instagram account to become dead.

It is often seen that, despite having millions of followers, the reach of Instagram profiles gradually ends. The main reason behind this is the inability to maintain consistency. If you are posting consistently on your profile, only then can you expect growth from your account.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most important features on Instagram. It helps in finding posts easily. We often use hashtags to follow trends. So you should also use relevant hashtags and deliver amazing content related to them.

If you do this, the reach of your post will increase, more and more people will be able to see your content, and only then will they follow you. So using hairstyles can also prove to be a good way to increase followers on Instagram.

5. Follow others and react to their posts

Don’t be shy at all in following others. If you give something, you definitely get something in return. You should also visit the profiles of other users; if you like them and their content, then follow them and also go and comment on their posts to increase engagement with them.

This is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. You will be able to make a place for yourself in the hearts of more and more people and then no one can stop you from increasing your followers on Instagram.

6. Create videos on Instagram reels

Who doesn’t watch reels these days? Every Instagram user watches more than a thousand videos in a day by swiping up and going to the reels section as soon as they pick up their mobile. There are many great creators among them whom people like to follow and people often like to watch the reels created by them.

You should also create such reels for your users that they like. And when they like the reels made by you, they will want to watch them regularly, and for this, they will definitely follow you.

7. Collaborate with other creators

When you are new on the platform, it is a very difficult journey for you to make an identity. In such a situation, you should collaborate with creators similar to your industry, post content, and create real videos. So that you can also establish your identity in their audience network.

8. Don’t forget to post on trending topics

Every day, many trends keep coming up on Instagram. A creator should analyze those trends deeply and create content on that trend for his users. This will make you popular quickly. If you create content on trending topics, then definitely the audience will notice you, and there can be no bigger reward than this for a creator.

9. Use Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads, although this method is only for those who have a lot of money. But if you are reading this post to grow your brand name and Instagram profile,. Then the best option for you is to use Instagram Ads. Instagram Ads give you a great opportunity to increase your audience network by spending money. With its help, you will be able to sell your products by targeting the relevant customer base and you will definitely be able to increase a lot of followers on Instagram.

10. Keep experimenting with your profile

Last but not least, always keep experimenting with your profile. Experimenting does not mean that you increase followers on your profile by engaging in illegal practices. By experiment, I mean that you implement all the points I have listed above on your profile in different ways. This will definitely prove to be helpful in growing your Instagram profile.

By the way,

These were the 10 ways to increase followers on Instagram, using which you will never be disappointed. You too should start implementing these methods on your profile from today itself and do not forget to share the results you get in our comment box. If you liked this content, then definitely share it with your friends on social media. Because sharing is caring.

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