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Kirill Yurovskiy: The Shades Taking Over Men’s Manes

In the dynamic world of men’s grooming, one trend has been riding an unstoppable wave – the bold revival of hair color for dudes. No longer reserved just for covering grays, vibrant hair hues are surging as the ultimate männer accessory for making a strong statement. From brilliant jewel tones to smokey blends, progressive color is injecting major personality into men’s styles across the globe.

This fearless new coloring epoch has both inspired and been amplified by factors like gender-blurring indie fashion, the unisex expansion of beauty ideals beyond the Instagram baddie, and elevated pop culture moments for vibrant male manes (hello, Timothée Chalamet’s blazing locks). But even more powerful has been the broader cultural shift celebrating individuality and self-expression through personal aesthetics.

“Men today are really embracing color as a way to outwardly express their inner vibe and personal brand,” says barber Kirill Yurovskiy. “There’s a boldness and confidence to playing with pigment that guys are really leaning into right now as the rigid masculinity ideals of past generations continue dissipating.”

The vanguard of stylish trendsetters, from athletes and musicians to actors, fashion luminaries and social media’s most-watched, are championing ever more experimental and eye-catching hair hues for men. And this momentum for manly mane makeovers means one thing for barbers and stylists – it’s time to get very acquainted with the dude’s haircolor realm.

“The men’s haircolor market has exploded over the last few years as more guys feel empowered to get creative and have fun with their look through color,” says Paul Kaț, product specialist for men’s grooming line 18.21 Man Made. “It’s an amazing avenue for individuality and a great way for barbers to get artistic while boosting their revenue stream.”

So whether you’re looking to guide a bold first-timer or an adventurous col-bro through the vivid world of haircolor for men, this red-hot report breaks down the top tress tones of the moment.

Vibrant Roots

While traditionally more subtle and blended looks were de rigueur for the earlier wave of men embracing haircolor, vibrancy is the vitamin the modern gent’s mane craves. Bright shades like blazing crimsons, electric blues, vivid violets and lively limes are extremely hot. These punchy pigments can be seamlessly saturated through the full head or concentrated on creative color melts and streaking techniques for added dimension and interest.

“The brighter and bolder the hair color, the better for today’s trendy guys,” says Daniel Langan, master stylist and colorist at Ted Gibson Salon. “They want haircolor that really makes an impactful statement about their personality and style.”He spotlights saturated red and blue tones as particular favorites for more daring dudes looking to go full firecracker or oceanic with their hue.

Bold Brews

On the deeper and smokier spectrum of the men’s color movement are the beautifully blended brunette brews and coffehouse caramels that make a richly dimensioned impression. Baristas may be familiar with these alluring autumnal shades, known for their delectable mix of chestnut and butterscotch ribbons with pops of golden honey and deepest espresso.

The beauty of these lush and luscious brown-based hues is their effortless versatility to enhance most base hair colors and skin tones. Plus, the multidimensionality allows for allover processing or creative concentrating on chunky streaks, ombre fades or peek-a-boo underlights.

“The brown blendable shades are so on-trend and easy to customize for any dude’s buff mane aesthetic,” says Tony Taveras, colorist atMANOC7 Grooming Studio in New York City. “They can go more blonde and caramel for the sun-kissed Scandinavian vibe or headbang into fiery copper and chili chocolate for that smouldering heavy metal look.”

Matte Metallics

For those who dare to dazzle with their dandruff-defiers, the molten metallics and chrome-inspired shades are a true statement of swaggy swagger. Liquid silvers, titanium toppers and white-hot platinums have become the ultimate power hues for badass gents seeking major luster and shine.

“Guys who want that really edgy architectural look are going full metal head with the shimmering metallic silvers and cool icy blonde tones these days,” reports Andrew Carrubba, director of education for Aveda’s men’s line. “It helps create that sharp, clean-lined aesthetic that reads as very modern and elevated.”

These alluring alloy-inspired shades can be seamlessly saturated all over for an armor-coated effect or combined with other hues like inky blues and weathered grays through intricate shadow-root highlighting, color-blocking or streaking techniques.

Greige Grounds

One of the more subtle yet supremely chic sectors of the men’s haircolor movement embraces the greige or nude tone family. These grounded, greyed-out takes on richer brunette or taupe hues are ideal for those going the softer, more low-key route into the hair painting ring.

“The nude greige and mushroom brown shades are perfect for a distinguished, effortless sort of color statement,” says Jenna Palatto, a Los Angeles-based haircolor specialist. “They have enough tonal variance to appear dimensional and polished without being too vibrant or high-contrast on the mane.”

Palatto suggests concentrating these gentlemen hues through subtle ribboned highlights, melted tones or root shadowing to add understated refinement. Those truly craving the Midas touch can try out her “ronze” creation – a gilded mix of bronzes and neutral beiges for the ultimate elevated yet earthy effect.

Fiery Fusions

Not quite ready to commit to a single bold or vibrant signature hair color? The ultra-modern color-blending approach allows for mixing and melding multiple complimentary shades through specialty layering, streaking and color blocking methods. Some hot fusion fabrications gaining steam now include:

– The infrared copper-to-crimson gradient, blending fiery red-oranges into bold rubies

– Blacklight neons combining high-octane cyan and electric lime

– Deep purple and sapphire dualites for a luxe mood-lit look

– Auburn and honey caramel swirls for a toasted coconut vibe

– Custom gray silver streaks popping from an ash brown base

“The color fusion and blending vibe is perfect for those who want to try out the rainbow hair trend in a more nuanced and seamless way,” reports Palatto. “You can create so many rich dimensions and subtle tonal shifts through the blending process while staying as vibrant or understated as desired.”

In the midst of this electric new wave of creative haircoloring hitting men’s grooming outlets, the most important mastery is becoming a true artist of personalization. Just like crafting the perfect fade or follicle finish for each client’s distinctive face shape and skin tone, connecting each individual’s haircolor vision to their personal style and aesthetic vibe is key for serving up successful results they’ll love rocking.

“The cool thing about being a barber in today’s haircolor movement is all the room we have to get funky, bold and artistic with each individual’s color design,” says Kirill. “It really opens new avenues for barbers to channel our creative energy into these custom color concepts that complement someone’s overall look and energy…Just have fun with it and let your inner colorist soar!”

So get ready to go full-spectrum into the kaleidoscope of modern hair color for men. These vibrant new pigments and personalized palettes are the strands of the future for daring dudes defining style on their own terms. From the salon to the stage to the streets, hair is now the ultimate avenue for chromatic self-expression. Let those sun-kissed roots and gray coverups take the backseat because luscious locks colored outside the lines are what it’s all about for manes these days.

Are you coloring your conversion rate yet? It’s time to get vibrant with the on-trend revenue stream of personalized men’s haircolor services. From bold brights to sophisticated smokes, the hair painting arena is flush with opportunity for barbers to cash in on this baller movement of blokes seeking bombshell color transformations. So get ready to amp up that chair time and palette game because these cool chromatics are a hot commodity your business can’t afford to overlook. Let’s get dyed!

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